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Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

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Mopping the floor every day is a good practice as it adds a lot of positivity and freshness to the room. Instead of adding disinfectants to the water, add some sea salt and then do the mopping.

This will take away much of the negative energy and will raise the vibrations of the room. You can actually feel the difference.

Fengshui Sea Salt For Mopping, 1 Kg 80/


Benefits of Himalayan salt sole include: 

Boosts our energy levels throughout the day
Balances the pH levels in our bodies, hence normalizing blood pressure and
helping our bodies to detoxify
Flushes our toxins, such as mercury and other heavy metals
Anti-bacterial effect
Improves the mineral status of our body through absorption
Helps body re-hydrate
Boosts immunity
Reduces muscle cramps
Promote skeletal health
Promotes hormonal balance
Improves metabolism and digestion
Improves blood sugar
Acts as a natural anti-histamine
Promotes healthier skin, nails and hair
Helps to heal skin diseases
Reduces addictive food cravings
Improves sleep quality
Relaxes nervous systems
Cleanses intestines by liquefying plaque


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